Design & Build

Should you build a new home or renovate your current one? This is a quandary many homeowners eventually encounter at some point in their lives. Determining what makes most sense for your family, your lifestyle and your budget is a challenge Witt Construction is prepared to help you meet. Our decades of experience and portfolio of beautiful new and renovated homes enables our team to work closely with every individual client to identify needs and desires and to review budget and schedules, reducing the stress that can be associated with home-building projects.


Do you envision a remodeled version of your current home that reflects how you and your family have changed and grown? Do you love your neighborhood, the school district, your neighbors and the view from your kitchen window? Is renovating more realistic for your budget? Witt Construction will help you find a way to transform the home you already love into an expression of your vision ofthe coming years for you and your family.

We know that every client’s desires and needs are specific and unique. Please call to discuss how we may help you consider and realize your best options.

Our team approach to building and renovating homes is professional, responsive and efficient. We offer a simple, meticulous process, working closely with you to meet your every need and to exceed your every expectation, all the while overseeing the details, schedules, and — of course, the budget.

We offer two distinct design and build options: the Custom Series and the Classic Series. Each provides a unique approach to home building. No matter which you choose, we pledge our commitment to your satisfaction.

At Witt Construction, we’re not just building homes we’re building legacies.