Saratoga Springs and the surrounding Capital Region are the most desirable locations in New York  today for real estate investment in an area known for cultural and recreational opportunities, educational excellence, safety, a naturally beautiful environment, job growth and economic stability.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, ready to upgrade to a  home that better reflects your family or your lifestyle, interested in enhancing the home you already love,  or relocating to our community and would prefer to rent before you purchase, Witt Construction can assist you. Our portfolio includes new custom-built homes, property sites for sale, townhomes and condominiums and rental properties that can meet your housing needs in both the short and long term.

Buying or building a home likely will be the single largest transaction you will ever make and introduces a range of opportunities and challenges, from financing options to kitchen appliances, from evaluating school districts to deciding how close you want to live to shopping and work, and, most especially, where and how to live. Witt Construction helps our clients review and determine the most rewarding solutions for their families.

We are always available to answer your questions, so please call or email when you want to discuss any aspect of your move and housing. We appreciate the opportunity to share the excitement and lifestyle of Saratoga Springs with both newcomers and those who are already neighbors.