Dear John,

I am writing this letter to personally thank you for building our “dream home”. When we first started exploring the possibilities of building at Saratoga Farm, we knew that the house we wanted to build would be one of the smaller/less expensive homes in the neighborhood. I remember how your first thoughts were that you did not believe that you could build our home within our budget. I wrote you an e-mail asking you to reconsider if there was any way that you could make our dream home become a reality. Even though our house was not as expensive as many of the homes your company builds, you graciously met with your staff and found a way to build our home. For this, I want to express my sincere thanks.

Having had the opportunity to lead various groups of people in different capacities, I know that the professionalism, outstanding service and quality of work displayed by your staff have much to say about you. Your staff always treated us with the utmost respect and was extremely attentive to all of our questions throughout the building process.

Thanks Again!