Dear John and the whole Witt team… where should we begin… I guess from the very beginning when we met with John on the property that became ours after we met with him one day and walked the property…we said we would get back to him …. We literally got back into our car and honestly our wedding song was playing on the radio… Which we never hear… we looked at each other and just felt it was fate… and the rest is history… Sitting down and having drawings by John made all of our dreams a reality. The entire team every time we came in for meetings, a million calls, millions of questions each one was answered with grace and always made us not feel like we were crazy as this was the 1st house we ever built… we can’t thank everyone on your staff enough for all their help with so many decisions, help with answering all our questions down to all the details and honest answers including time frames… Yes it was difficult times with Covid and back orders but John’s team got the job done… we could not be happier and would always recommend John Witt for making dreams come true!!!!there are too many names to mention but to all of you. Thank you….