John Witt is the best builder ever! My wife and I had looked at many houses over a two-year period in the Saratoga area. Consistently we would walk away from the homes we most liked and would say to each other, “That was a Witt house.” Later this would be confirmed for us. Never did we err in that analysis.

Before you build you need land. There are Witt Construction signs on many beautiful parcels of land in the Saratoga area. We backed out from one builder when at the end of the meeting he asked us, “Where is your land you would like us to build on?” John is a long-term planner and our family has benefitted greatly from his organizational skills and foresight.

I remember sitting at the long table of the Witt office with my wife and John. We shared impressions of Witt homes with him we found particularly memorable. He then took our vague recollections and hyperbole and started rendering a group of handmade drawings that brought our dreams to reality. He would ask focused questions and started more drawings. He draws very well. It all started to take shape in that meeting. When we suggested an item, he worked it into the design, a very good design, not a meaningless appendage that would placate the patron.

John has assembled a team of subcontractors that have developed their craft into the highest level of craftsmanship. The stone work, finished carpentry, sparkling, painting and more were executed so perfectly. The interior design team came up with colors that we had not imagined were harmonious with the house and surrounding rolling farm land.

The site manager and office administrators treated my wife and I so well throughout this long and challenging process. We had never built a house before. There were a group of times when we were not sure what decisions and choices to make. Our golden parachute when we were at an impasse was to answer, “We want a John Witt house. Witt Construction would then take care of it and their choices were a positive contribution.

Ultimately, we love the house and our insurance company has appraised our house for more that we put into its construction.

With best wishes to John Witt and his highly professional team of home construction experts.